First Move

For me, it all began with cards: Crazy Eights, Solitaire, and Gin Rummy when I was in elementary and middle school. By high school I had added Freecell, high-speed Uno, and board games like Master Detective Clue, Outburst, and – my all-time cheesy favorite – Solar Quest. Thank you for that birthday gift, Laura. After I was all grown up and the game long gone I had to steal my brother’s copy.

My Turn came to be after planning a gaming birthday party for my husband, Matt. Yes, we still do birthday parties. This is because we are not afraid of: 1) being adults (better insurance rates and I can buy whatever I want at the grocery store—YEAH!), or 2) having fun, which of course birthdays have much potential to be if you are brave enough to embrace it.

It was up to me, the introvert who hates to clean her house, to show her love for her husband by throwing him a party. It didn’t take long for me to hit upon the idea to have a Dominion tournament. To do this we needed to pre-select several ten-card game sets that everyone would play once. I went to the almost-all-knowing Internet to read about everyone’s favorite sets to play and you know what I found? Near-bubkiss.

Dominion is an extraordinarily popular and ground-breaking game and I am one of only twenty people in the world to wander the Internet looking for fan-favorite sets? How many expansion reviews and rants about the electronic version can the Internet absorb? In the months that followed, I spent more time reading gaming websites and blogs, and I discovered that mostly these sites are publishing incredibly detailed reviews, top ten lists, news bites, and the occasional deep thought piece. All good things – but there’s so much more going on in tabletop gaming – why stop there?

Now is it My Turn! The contributors at My Turn are here to share ideas about gaming, new ways to play old games, explorations in DIY games, what we play with our kids, what we play without our kids, our favorites, the duds, the curiosities, and of course the clothes and accessories that go along with being a gamer! Our focus is largely on board gaming, but we aren’t the exclusionary sort. We’re excited to see how the site develops.

There’s so much to do! Let’s get started.

Trogdor v. Baron Blade

2 thoughts on “First Move

  1. Terry
    October 23, 2013 at 12:17 am

    I thought it was MY turn! Great idea! Keep it up!

    1. October 23, 2013 at 12:30 am

      Thanks, mom! (The hilarity of having one’s mother be the first commenter on one’s new blog is not lost on me.)

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