My Turn! is a gaming lifestyle website for those of us with children in our lives. Sometimes you need an idea of what to play with your kid — and sometimes you’re looking for a little adult time.

Carol's turn!


Carol dreamt this whole thing up, agonized for months, then just got started one cold, autumn day. Settlers of Catan was her gateway game over ten years ago. Her favorites include 7 Wonders, Cards against Humanity, Pandemic, Carcassonne, Pinata, Banagrams, and, mais oui, Catan of all flavors. She is currently working on improving her “no more tears” Agricola game.  She and Matt have two kids, 4 and 8, and Carol works as a freelance writer and editor.


Matt bio pic


Matt gets dragged into everything Carol does because he gave Carol his ring of power.  Blessed from birth by Saint Hoyle, he can sometimes be infuriatingly difficult to beat at games.  When not engaged in a family game of King of Tokyo or Castle Panic, he can often be found fighting evil alongside his companions in the Traveling Sentinels’ Society.  In an attempt to maximize his geek potential, Matt has recently taken up a comic book habit.


A photo of contributor Terry Ullmann


Terry loves stories first and foremost and is responsible for imparting to Carol a love of reading and writing.  She prefers card games and games of imagination that have few or no pieces.  She doesn’t really get why Matt and Carol keep lugging a laundry basket full of board games when they come to her house, when all you need is a deck of playing cards in your back pocket for hours of challenge and fun.



A photo of contributor Tiffany Lamb


Tiffany is a professional artist and all around fabulous human being. She loves classic games, hot tea, and biking — and probably not in that order, but we’ll keep her anyway.  She doesn’t get what the big deal about Dominion is, but she’s always up for Parcheesi. Tiffany will talk to anyone. She is available for hire if you need wedding invitations or custom artwork for a gift.